How to make Chef not unbearably slow on Windows

Last year, I was tasked with implementing “Chef” at work. It’s an impressive tool set, and I recommend you check out out ( However, one of the things I noticed right off the bat is how poor the performance is on windows. From what I’m told by the developers, this is mainly because it’s based […]

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Docker Containers: Windows & Linux Side by Side

Let’s setup a simple example. We’ll have an nginx (Linux) container that acts as a reverse proxy to an IIS (Windows) container. First, lets switch to windows containers. Right click the Docker icon in your system tray, and choose “Switch to Windows containers…”. If you don’t see this option, you’re probably already there. Next, let’s […]

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Hello World

Hello, World!

Over the years, I’ve thought about setting up a blog, but never followed through with it. Like most developers, I’m inherently lazy. I also know that making myself make time to write posts will be extremely difficult. My wife needed one though, so, to learn docker and containers, I made setting up her blog my […]

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